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Vegetable Production

Germination, propagation, fertilization, plant protection, harvesting and post harvest operations being carried out under stringent supervision and control of the managers. Post harvest handling consists of cleaning, washing, and sorting at specialized rooms. To store excess vegetables and also to improve shelf life Faisaliya farm provides a temperature controlled cold storage. Major production systems include hydroponics, normal greenhouse production and open field crops.

Greenhouse Production

This system comprises of normal greenhouses with or without cooling systems. Faisaliya farm has around 25,000 m2 area under this system where almost all the crops are being cultivated according to the season. Drip irrigation is the chief method of irrigation. The production is strictly under the supervision of technical experts and also adopting hygienic measures both farmer's level and facility wise. Even though tomato, cucumber and capsicum are the major crops; egg plant, lettuce, beans carrot, strawberry etc are also cultivated.