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Native Plant Project

The primary aim of this project is to develop the infrastructure and initiate large scale operation aimed at growing native plants for multiple purposes in cooperation with KISR (Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research). Potential uses of native plants are manifold viz. revegetation of damaged deserts, landscaping, stabilizing sand dunes etc. Ultimately, the native plants project will help to conserve the biodiversity through those native plants and which are endangered too

Existing Production Facility

  • Total native plant area - >120,000 square meter including nearest farms
  • Total number of established mother plants > 52,000 square meter
  • Nursery - 2000 square meter
  • Shade house - 5000 square meter
  • Laboratory area - 350 cubic meter
  • Seed processing room - 400 cubic meter
  • Seed storage room - 200 cubic meter